I am located in Toronto, Ontario and own and operate Twin Oaks Tattoo. We are a cozy private studio by appointment only. 



My books are currently closed for the remainder of 2020. I will likely reopen for new appointments in early 2021. I recommend subscribing to notifications to keep up to date on any openings. Keep an eye out on IG for any available flash projects as I'll post them there.

*Tattoos are for all skin tones, genders, body types - please note that everyone is welcome.*



Prices vary based on size, details, placement, and style. I'll provide an estimate range when my books are open, and a proper estimate if I’m able to take on your project.


It is important to let me know of any health issues that may interfere with your tattoo before booking your appointment. Please note you can not get a tattoo while pregnant or breastfeeding. Please note you must be 18+ to get a tattoo with me, I do not tattoo anyone who is underage even with parental consent. 

I would not recommend having any hot vacation plans booked within 2 weeks of your tattoo. No swim or sun while healing!

I'd recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing to make sure that nothing will be rubbing against your fresh tattoo. Make sure you have plenty of time, and have your schedule free in case the session runs longer than expected. A tattoo is certainly a process that you don't want to rush. Don’t drink any alcohol or take any medication that will thin out your blood 24 hours before your tattoo. Make sure you've eaten something, and stay hydrated.



I will provide a detailed aftercare before your session. 
Please note your tattoo will take between 1-3 weeks to heal.

Long term upkeep is important:

- Keep skin from getting too dry. Get in the habit of applying a thin layer of moisturizer daily even after your tattoo is healed.
- Keep your tattoo out of the sun! Put sunscreen on your (healed) tattoo anytime it will be exposed.

Touch ups

I provide a free touch-up for my clients, if you need anything I'm happy to fit you in! Please email me.




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